The title means "Great Work" for a reason, as this is the book all experienced masters of Alchemy used to write in as a symbol if intercontinental brotherhood of the two celestial purities (the heart and the soul) despite differences of the two moralities (the body and the mind). As humans rejected it for modern science... mostly... the progudees of the animal world kept the sacred art (second only to heaven itself and all the writings of it from Kells onward) alive by keeping it written in. Sala had her turn, though her chapter is missing a page due to the dangers of longevity.

Lucinda's turn has yet to happen, though she might've found and used it unwittingly during her training days when she, temporarily, allowed the fountain at the zoo to grant wishes... for real (she hoped Kowalski would investigate and notice her, opening his heart to her own existence and the probability of magic... unfortunately Sala found her first and weakened the spell after Private wished everything back to normal. Evident that Bert came back from vacation, she did a sloppy job)!

As a symbol of Brotherhood among the wise, the Magnum Opus is full of "charms" intended to make the world a better place, but can be deadly on the wrong hands... Lucinda copied Kowalski's blueprints in the art museum before they changed it with a unicorn sketch, so her love for him will be part of her chapter (if not just proof that he should trust her) for that very reason.


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