Mars Needs Morts (Epi: 49)

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Martians Take Mort Away!!! How Will The Babies Save him?


  • A Foggy Night in Cental Park Zoo, a rocket Lands On The Lemur Habitat. Two Martians Come Out and See Baby Mort. They Take Him to His Ship, Then they Blast Off
  • Julien asks "Hey, Where's That Stiky, Foot touching, Freaky Think You Call Mort?"
  • The Lemurs come To The Penguins For Help.
  • Meanwhille, on the Ship: Mort is Watching his Favorite Show: Bubble Guppies, Until Two 13-year Old Martian Kids Change The Channel. Mort Cries His Diper Off.
  • The Martians Come Back with Mort Saying: "Here! You Can Have him Back!!!"
  • Mort Is Happly Reunited with The Lemuers!
  • The Episode Ends when Baby Marlene Get's Kidnapped and Skipper Says: "Here We Go Again"


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