Charles Montgomery Burns is the minor character from "The Simpsons" and the antagonist from "Castaras".

Mr Burns
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Charles Montgomery Burns, Sr




Springfield, Oregon, USA


Everyone in Springfield, Goodies

Voiced by

Harry Shearer

Created By

Matt Groening


No information


Larry Burns


Unamed Grandchildren

Villian Of

Lisa Simpson


Burns was born to Daphne and Clifford Burns in 1881. Burns grew up with many brothers and sisters and has fought in both World Wars.

In the early 1900s, Burns liked to pose as a vampire to scare little children on Halloween but was then caught. In 1944, Burns was selected as a private during the second world war and was teamed with Sargent Abe Simpson. The pair was at loggerheads has Burns was branded "cocky" and "lazy". Burns then saved Adolf Hitler's life by throwing a tennis ball at Abe, whom then was trying to shoot Adolf in the head. In the present day, Burns and Abe are the last survivers to claim the treasure of the Hellfish, so Burns ordered an assassin to kill Abe. When that fails, Burns tries to kill Abe's grandson, Bart by kicking him in the box to drown but the police arrive on time. The paintings are taken by the desendant of the owner of the paintings.

After losing his money and his home after a mistake to the council, Burns seeks out help from Lisa Simpson, after giving a talk at her school. Burns tries hard to convince Lisa to help him but she gives in, Lisa then wants Burns to help look after animals, recycle and not to be evil. But as Burns wows Lisa with her own Recycle plant he shows her that he recycles the whole ocean by catching fish with the attachments from beer cans and kills the animals for slaughtery, Burns then tries to force Lisa to eat the fish, realising he's pure evil, Lisa runs away and warns everyone not to recycle. Burns then gets his house back after selling the Lil Lisa company for $120 million and offers his 10% shares to her, but she refuses to except the offer.

Mr Burns will appear in the 2017 cartoon crossover "Castaras" as the villian of Lisa, he works as a sidekick for Baboon.

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