Multi-Mania is a themepark in California not too far from Marlene's previous address, made especially for families with multiple births from twins to octuplets (and beyond, if possible). Any family unable to bring at least a pair twins to get in for free (and some don't, due to one being sick at home or on account of sibling rivalry... if not for lack of such a relitative), otherwise there is a $20 per-person access toll. The Varsuveus twins go there every year on the Winter Solstice for a whole week, but that was almost canceled due to their first fight.

Can't spoil much, but they somehow get over it in time while a new, unlikely pair of twins tagging along for the trip: The Cattamaki twins (King Julien and Duchess Lucinda)


  • Loosely based on "Twin Canyon" from Rugrats: All Grown Up.
  • On this year's pre-entry, the seperate names of the Versuveus twins are revealed as well as how to tell them apart:
    • Victor seems to be the mature, business-like, more down-to-earth part of the duo. He had always been the leader between the two, and calls his brother his "collige" or "associate" sometimes. Even Victor's hair is neater, front and back.
    • Vince is appearently the impusive, malicey, more loose-cannon part of the duo. He's the half that makes torcering others look like fun, and comes up with the dangerous "games" the two play. Though they look the same at first glance, the obvervant know well of Vince's cowlick.


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