This page is to be used by MysteryGirl to list thoughts and ideas relating to her world.

What if Chester got photographic evidence that Dr.Blowhole is real?! It could be enough to convince Marlene that he judged too quickly, but it would also jeopardize the classified files of Penguin HQ!

Odds are, one can assume the dreamscapes as a connection to the spirit-world and, since memories rarely die... resurrecting the dead could be as easy as opening a door, but some doors must never be opened (like those of Manfredi and Johnson)!

Just how roomy is that shed that Mort and Maurice used for a party (now used as Lucinda's Workshop)? How many rooms are actually in there. I might need suggestions on this one, but I figured there's a reason besides nativity and other problems that Alice didn't seem to notice it in Kingdom Come. Maybe it has a portal system that only the animals (and a few special humans, like Zeke and Amy) even know about, like that in Howl's Moving Castle. Perhaps, only those with the point-of-view of the world like that of an animal can access the shed's true capacity from the outside, but otherwise, from normal human eyes, it is every bit of ordinary storage on the inside as it is on the outside.

The Vesuveus twins wear hats during there guessing game, as unlike Victor, Vince has a cowlick. If those two had their first arguement, goodness knows what they'd say, or what'll happen, but sibling rivalry builds character and independence, and one has to be crazy not to notice... to bad Duchess Lucinda has a minor case of the crazies.

Could Doris be related to Dr. Blowhole?! Duchess Lucinda found out the answer to that one by accident, but figures she should keep her mouth shut for Kowalski's sake... but she might not be the only one who knows. Also, the Red Squirrel may be Fred's real granny, but evil never retires.

One day, I should post Paublo Dehauntedo's narration of "Road to El Dorado", after all, Tulio and Chel are ancestors... but inspite the city of gold being a family secret, with a location lost in time, is it possible that Miguel Naranja had decendence as well, and Amy knows one without knowing it?! Maybe it's Benny Friedman, but only he'd know for sure... for now.


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