• Skipper
  • Private
  • Kowalski
  • Rico
  • King Julien
  • Maurice
  • Mort
  • Marlene
  • Trudy (debut)
  • Alice (cameo)


In penguin HQ is training. later coming Marlene

Marlene: hi guys! you know that?

Skipper: what?

Marlene: to your habbitat go a new penguin. i meet her

Skipper: her? is a female?

Marlene: yes, and?

Skipper: ok, where is?

Marlene: she is coming, look

Private looks to telescop

Private: i see her... possibly... is only box and Alice... wait... i see her! she isnt in box now!

a new penguin is there. she siting

Skipper: be careful guys, possibly is dangerous

penguins go from HQ. they looks at "novice". after that, "novice" look at them

novice: hi!

Skipper: och, you think we fall to your cute " hi ". tell something about you! your name and profesion!

notice: err... Trudy... and what is profesion? i havent profesion!

Kowalski: ok, you dont looks too smart. so what means letters in E=MC2

Trudy:hmm... E-energy, M-mass and C-speed of light

Kowalski: she is right!

Private: Skipper, you meet her first time, how you know she is evil?

Skipper: ok... but still it suspect!

Trudy: ( for herself ) he is only who dont suspect me... and in fact is cute. but how i can tell that? ( normal voice ) hi... you... who are littlest...?

Private: my name is Private... go with me to our H...

Skipper: what are you doin? you tell us?

Private: but Skipper, she now lives with us...

Skipper: ok, ok...

Private: so you go to our HQ?

Trudy: of course

Skipper: Rico, give to lady pink butter

Rico: ok! ( spits butter )

Trudy: thank you... is little wet and slimy but ok!

later in in penguin HQ

Trudy: cool!

Private: so, i go watch TV, begin my favorite series, Lunacorns

Trudy: looks great, can i watch too?

Private: my home, your home

few minutes later

ponnie: friendship with everybody, except bad humans is great!

Trudy: great instructive series!

Private: you right

Skipper: now we go to snow-cones

Trudy: that sounds cool, can i go with you?

Skipper: no!

Private: but she is now member of our comando... more or less... no?

Skipper: och, ok!

meanwhile in lemurs habbitat

Julien: a mango-ananas coctail, Maurice!

Maurice: ok your Majesty!

Mort: ohh, a kings feets!

Julien: no... see penguins hi pengubirds!, where are you doin! and who is that new?

Skipper: is top-secret!

few minutes later

Trudy: there are great... hm...

in night, after dinner, Kowalski make to Trudy a bed. finally ends

Kowalski: so, your bed is ready

Skipper: now everybody go sleep!

is morning

Skipper: new day is coming... is... is...

zoo is finally 'open!

Skipper: guys, we must be extra cute

Trudy: what me?

Skipper: i dont know, notice, dance

Trudy: dancing rap

unknown people num. 1: och! there are cute!

every peoples: penguins, penguins...


Skipper: you not so bad! you are beginner of our comando now

Trudy: cool. so, what now? snow-cones, TV?

Skipper: ok... but no forget, this isnt hobby-club! this is fighting force!

Trudy: ok!


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