These are the senior North Wind. They created the North Wind and trained Short Fuse, Classified, Corporal and Eva

Scarlet Moon Edit

Scarlet moon was the leader of the Original North wind.

Apperance Edit

Scarlet is a light grey Wolf/Husky mix. She is mostly grey with a white muzzel, socks, tail tip and chest/stomach

Personality Edit

Scarlet is very strait forward. She doesn't play and have fun she is all about work

Trivia Edit

  • She started North Wind
  • She lead The North Wind
  • She 'Adopted' Classified after finding him (not planing on making another generation of North Wind) so Classified sees her as his mother

Tragen Edit

Tragen was 2nd in comand of the north wind. He worked alongside Scarlet

Apperance Edit

Completely White Polar Bear

Personality Edit

He is kinda dumb and oblivious. When North Wind was started he only joined since he HAD a crush on Scarlet. But after joining and dealing with Scarlet's critisism and straight forwardness the crush disappeared but he started actually listening to her

Trivia Edit

  • He was second to join North Wind
  • Corporal is his Son
  • His wife dies not long after Corporal was born

Seaside Edit

Seaside was 3rd to join North Wind becoming the exposives and weapons expert

Appearance Edit

He is a grey seal with a black muzzel and black dots above his eyes

Personality Edit

Think of Tito from Oliver and Company. Very jumpy and always ready to fight

Trivia Edit

  • He found Baby Short Fuse holding an egg (Eva)

Duchess Edit

Duches was last to join North Wind, she was brought in late after they found Short Fuse and the egg (She was there to help with the baby owl)

Personality Edit

Contrary to her name she is the happiest and most playful of them all, very happy go lucky

Apperance Edit

She is white with black bars going down to her wings and back

Trivia Edit

  • Eva sees her as a mother

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