"Operation: Amazon" is a fan-fic episode involving Skipper, Private, Rico and Kowalski venturing to the Amazon to catch a spirit Dr. Blowhole foolishly sent in order to attack the penguins.


The episode starts with Dr. Blowhole entering the penguins lair and activates a bomb to explode they're lair so its both exposed to humans and destroyed. He eventually does it, and when the bomb explodes, Skipper wakes up, to find it was a nightmare. He woke up the other penguins, telling them he had the exact same dream 74 times. Suddenly, a noise from outside is heard and the penguins hide in the corner, only to find it was King Julien, Mort and Maurice. They entered cowardly, and quickly shout to the penguins "Come outside... nooow!!!" in stress. The penguins go outside, to find an evil dark ghost lurking around the Zoo, destroying many habitats. Alice suddenly arrives and chases the ghost, and the ghost erases her mind using magic (everyone else thought it was some kind of invisible tool).

The screen flashes black. The screen flashes back to normal, only to find all the penguins and King Julien in the vet which eventually withers. Then, Dr. Blowhole enters, announcing that he is going to the Amazon where the Magical Leaf of Poisoning Pickles is located so he can use magic to destroy the penguins lair. He then breaks the wall of the vet by going through it, and goes with his flying scooter to the Amazon. Suddenly, a rope comes out of a shelf and ties up the penguins and Julien by itself, and suddenly Marlene, Alex, Mort, Maurice and Hans arrive to find the penguins locked up. They try to untie the rope but the rope glows green, unties the penguins by itself and then breaks the wall and follows Dr. Blowhole. The penguins set on a mission to the Amazon to destroy Dr. Blowhole. They prepare a Freeze Ray, Shrink Ray, Grow Big Ray, Nuclear Bomb, Portal X Ray, and a baby pajama (just in case). They also prepare a vehicle, which is the submarine they use to go underwater, only giant wings and a propeller added in order to make it both fly and go underwater. And most important of all: A Good Luck Charm, which is a lucky clover necklace for all 4.

The four set off to the Amazon. On they're way, they meet Melman, Alex, Gloria and Marty. They all join together to defeat Dr. Blowhole.

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  • This is the first appearance of Gloria, Melman and Marty in the TV series.

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