An episode of Penguins of Central Park, and the pilot episode of the series.



Doris is found out by Alice and she successfully hides from her, unknowing the zookeeper is given an assignment to get her to a new home. But in the way into the dock, they meet X, though surprised with the 'Dolphin out of water', he tries to get the penguins to retrieve his job back...


The episode opens in the Penguin Habitat where Kowalski is experimenting his new ray gun, but it accidentally shot a laser (when Kowalski was surprised by Doris's sudden appearance) into the zoo, bouncing from Mason and Phil's metal wall, to Marlene's Spanish guitar (making it turn to dust, surprising Marlene), to Roy's hay (Grilling it and alerting the rhino) and finally to the lemur habitat where Julien is about to taste the 'Royal Lemur Cake', which Maurice made (while he's smiles evilly, indicating he gave something bad to the cake)which destroys the cake before Julien even tasting it. When the lemur king complains suddenly a larger explosion happens, grilling all of the lemur's fur. With Maurice screaming "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

Doris then apologizes that she ruined the experiment. Kowalski says that it's alright. Skipper then told Doris that coming at a day is dangerous, in which she doubt. But then Rico alerts everyone of Alice and all of them come up, acting normal, which the zookeeper sighs. However Doris can't hold her breath longer and sprays water from her blowhole which hits Alice. She was surprised by her appearance and called commissioner McSlade about Doris and started to chase her (in which Doris used one of Kowalski's new invention: the 'Auto Cart') pass the lemur habitat which Julien complains that he is having a 'Royal Fur Treatment', then to Marlene's Habitat, Burt's, Joey's, Pinky's and the impala habitat (new for the series). Alice then gives up and falls to the ground and Doris made her escape to the city with help of the penguins.

To be continued...


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