Peace Treaty
Made: 1970's
Destroyed (year): 1970's
King Julien XIII
The Peace Treaty was a treaty between the Penguins and Lemur Empire.


The peace treaty decisions aren't identified, but it's guessed the treaty settles the nighttime curfews & how the Lemurs can party without waking up the Penguins


Sometime in the 1970's, the treaty was made, However, King Julien broke it by disturbing one of the powers (it could've been the same year), causing Skipper to go into a chronic insomnia, Julien refused a 2200 hour curfew for lights-out, Skipper then, decided to sign in Julien's additions (because Julien was driving him mad with sleep deprivation & annoyance), When Private quoted Shakespeare, Julien believed he was insulted & broke the deal, Afterward, The treaty was worthless, Private even said that they won't need it because Skipper was cured.


Operation: Break-Speare (First appearance)

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