Chapter 1: Malfunction

Kowalski was busy working on one of his machines in the lab called the Acceler-Ager which could change someone's age, making them older or younger.

This was the only invention that Skipper ever asked him to create. After the trouble with his super shoes he had thought that his leader had finally accepted growing up.

He was wrong.

Skipper came to him and ordered him to create something that would allow him as well as the team to stay babies forever.

Kowalski refused and Skipper ended up throwing a temper tantrum for twenty minutes before he finally agreed.

Skipper could be such a baby sometimes...

After tightening a screw Kowalski reached down and felt his diaper which was wet. Setting down the small wench the penguin waddled off to change his diaper.

However just as he left someone entered the lab and that someone was Skipper.

He had been coming by to check on Kowalski's progress and looking at the machine, which appeared complete but actually wasn't, he smiled.

Walking over to it Skipper noticed a bunch of buttons and levers and wondered how to turn it on.

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