Penguins - New and Improved (also known as Penguins 2, Penguins of the Madagascar 2) or just penguins or Penguins of the Madagascar, is the fan-fic series that is practically a second part of the original POTM.

List of EpisodesEdit

Season 1Edit

  • New Day - The penguins try to get back at King Julien for April Fools Day.
  • The Fluffy Baby - Skipper gets turned into a baby again.
  • Crys for Momma - Skipper, still being a momma, cannot take Julien's over-obsessed care anymore.
  • Lion Vacation - Skipper is still a baby, and goes to the Madagascar far away, in Alex's paws.
  • Madagascar Ring-Tail - Julien travels to Madagascar to get Skipper back. After Julien accidentally trips over a poison plant, the plant turns him older, back into a normal old penguin.
  • Operation: Amazon - Skipper sets off to the Amazon to stop Dr. Blowhole from destroying they're lair and exposing it to every human in the world.
  • The Return of the Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole - After previously being defeated in Operation: Amazon, Dr. Blowhole sets another revenge, and in the end Dr. Blowhole didn't success himself, rather by King Julien's foolish acting which causes the penguin's lair to be destroyed.
  • Impossible - Alice notices the penguins, and immediately sends them to the quarantine. They are locked up there, and need to find a way out. At the end, they rebuild they're lair, and now have a more homey environment. Alice comes in, and tries to take them to the quarantine after they escaped, but the penguins erase her mind of everything that happened between the time the lair was destroyed and the time her mind was erased. (As of this, the walls of the lair are made of metal and are white, the floor is grey with a red carpet, they now have an modern kitchen, a secret chamber which has black walls and a hologram map and radar of Earth, and an wooden table and a toaster. They also have a new and improved bunk.)
  • Madness-ski - [UNRELEASED]

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