Character Information
NickName Dumb Squid (by Skipper)
Orange death (by civilians in Blowhole City)
Gender Male
Species Octopus-Squid mixture with crab hands
and mind cap creating a
mind controlled by Blowhole
Blowhole City
Family Unknown
Raised in Blowhole City
(lives in)
Blowhole City
(death occurred by Rico)
Age 5
Talent(s) Slaughtering Penguins
(while under the control of Blowhole)
Story Information
New York War

Plasma-Pus (B. 2010-D. June 24, 2015, Blowhole City) was an octopus-squid mutant that wore a mind cap, allowing its will, emotions, and actions to be controlled by Dr. Blowhole. It was born, raised, resided, and died in Blowhole City, kept in a huge pit after being built in a lab by Dr. Blowhole.


Early Years

Blowhole raised the monster and used the monster to attack, capture, subdue and kill any civilian or traitor in Blowhole City. Blowhole eventually unleashed it to fight in the New York War.

New York War

Battle of Blowhole City & Death

Rico infiltrated Blowhole City to find, and defeat Dr. Blowhole, and destroy the city. Blowhole allowed Rico to find him, and then ordered Plasma-Pus to kill Rico. Rico was grabbed, and nearly kissed, but broke into retreat fire by running away and attacking at the same time, killing Plasma-Pus.


Plasma-Pus was the second mutant Dr. Blowhole created, he was replaced later by Robo-47 and Clockwerk.

Physical Appearance

Plasma-Pus has pale orange, drenched, gelatinous-looking skin, a huge jaw, tentacles in its mouth, with a belt of electronic tentacles that spring, along with a huge chrome cranium cap that allows Dr. Blowhole to control it.

Personality & Traits

  • Death Kiss: Tentacles in Plasma-Pus's mouth suck the brain & other vital organs out of the victim's mouth by Kissing them.
  • Electronic Mind Cap: Blowhole controlled Plasma-Pus with a cap to control it's brain.


  • Plasma is a kind of state of matter or a liquid that red blood cells flow through.
  • Pus is the last 3 letters of the word Octopus, Pus is also a gathering of white blood cells in a cut.


  • Rise of Blowhole (first mentioned)
  • New York War (first appearance)

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