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  • Step 1: Create the article and name it as follows: (story name) -- By: (your name)
  • Step 2: Start posting. Please use one of the following layouts.

Layout #1: ChaptersEdit


If you wish, you may open with a Premise or brief description of story. Please place this section in italics. (ie: One day, while strolling through the park for a snow cone, Private, stumbles upon a strange meeting)

Chapter 1Edit

You can name your chapters if you wish.

Layout #2: ScenesEdit

Scene I: (location)Edit

Characters names are in bold text, followed by a "colon" followed by the text. All non dialogue, (ie: stage directions etc) are written in italics. All scene numbers are in roman numerals. If you are unfamiliar with Roman numerals please see this chart:



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