Skivate/Pripper is a fan-ship of Skipper and Private, as best friends, romantic or a father and son bond.

Private's hintsEdit

  • I was a Penguin Zombie

When everyone thought that Skipper was dead, Kowalski slaps Private, probably on Private's request, and Private says Skipper's slap had more emotion in it; both disappointment and caring.

Skipper's hintsEdit

  • Assault and Batteries

When Skipper called Private who was sleeping, Private just wiggles his tail in his sleep and Skipper calls it "cutest thing (I've ever seen)"

  • When the Chips are Down

He was the most upset for Private's disappearance, and when he sees Private safe and sound he rushes to him, grabs him, swings him around and hugs him, nearly crying out of joy.

  • Love hurts

Although at first mad that Private was faking his injuries so to see Shawna, he became tearful that Private found love, looking like a father expressing pride for a son, though he was against it, and he, Kowalski and Rico had tried to drag Private away.

  • Antics on ice

Skipper was determined to have Private see the 'lunacorns on ice' play, believing if he didn't Private would become a hipster. Private did get to see the show but was jealous that Roy the rhinoceros and Bing the gorilla became tv stars for being forced into the play, and almost did become a hipster, but Skipper stops him.

  • Penguins of Madagascar (movie)

Perhaps the most evident of Skipper's bond with Private, Skipper seems to view Private as a secretary and mascot, he had also came up with the idea to break into Fort Knox and get Private cheezy dibbles for Private's tenth birthday, he was also distraught after Private got kidnapped by Dave the octopus at Shanghai and for thinking Private died from Dave's medusa serum and constantly called Private cute throughout the entire movie.


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