A professor (the same prof From the chips are down) is hired for feeding the animals but most of the supply is the penguins, Marlene,the lemurs will find the seafoods and pinky,Roy,Burt will find land foods.Dennis is left behind(he is a penguin too,in the imaginary world episode"truth ache" he is shown to like penguin meat and is spied by the others strangely)too take care of the HQ.since the last episode,the animals can interact to the humans and even walk out of their exhibits and even play computers.the penguins encounter a dolphin named zack and went to a anchovy bait ball.while going into the bait ball they meet some new old turtle named daisy.she is usually called grandma daisy/the old one.she led them to the secret treasure that have a curse more dangerous than other treasures.after collecting fish in the first bait ball,they encounter squids and try to catch them too.the feast is interrupted by a one ever saw the beast.only the prey could see him just before eaten.the penguins managed to defeat it.but the shark is still alive and well.meanwhile in the zoo everybody is hungry.the leopard seals eat spores instead because the squid stock is gone.they are waiting the penguins, Roy,Burt, is buiding a machine to get the foods.the scene changes to Roy,Burt,pinky.they are led by a group of Javan rhinos.they are collecting grass,shrimps and other Dr.blowhole's base,blowhole planned an attack to the zoo so he can get the the sea they succeed getting fishes in the second bait ball and travel to the bait ball near the treasure.they are caused by the megalodon when traveling pass a Shipwreck .after that they got fishes from the bait ball after defeating the megalodon.they later fought the evil whale guardian and got the treasure.they travel back home and defeat blowhole that appears not long before. In the zoo,there's a new attraction named bait ball attraction.


  • The first time bait Attraction made 2 cameos in "blowhole mega revenge" and "don mastodon".it plays a major role in"bait problem"please fix.

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