Resizing Sodas

The chemicals in these drinks do more then fizz.

Another off Lucinda's potions, but this one was slipped into Kowalski's work undetected. Based off still subconscious recall of a story she hears somewhere (Alice in Wonderland), the young duchess has similar problems with her creation as the book-heroine which get worse, and more ridiculous, whenever she gets the hiccups until she got just the right amount of each mixture to regain her original size. Like any good sorceress, this alchemist trainee never reveals all her secrets as to what's in the two sodas, though it's clearly some kind of plant compound when the sensitive nose of her own twin brother, King Julien, picked up a (typical) hint of violets in the shrinking formula... that, and the symbols she's made up for "shrink" and "grow", labeling her work, are shaped like flower-petals. After seeing that Kowalski's shrink ray is a 712 year project, Duchess Lucinda gave the Resizing Sodas and their formulas to the smart penguin, discreetly, to accelerate his work with a decent fuel-source... her only give-away was the letter, written in binary, reading in translation: "From Your Secret Admirer."


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