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To Dr. Blowhole returns memory and now want erase memories to Private! But when Trudy want save Private, it becomes both. They get out of the zoo and with help of lion Alex, must save they friends

4 Main CharactersEdit

  • Private (James Patrick Stuart) is main protagonist of special. Blowhole erase his memories and now must save Zoo and maybe all world, before Blowhole take over it.
  • Trudy (Tara Strong) is deugentonist of special and Private´s love interest. Have same task like Private.
  • Alex (Ben Stiller) is tritagonist of special and Private´s and Trudy´s spirit guide
  • Dr. Blowhole (Neil Patrick Harris) is main antagonist of special. After unknown return of memories, make revenge to penguins.


  • This is similar to "Return of Revenge of Dr. Blowhole", but some differences:
    • Main character is Private, not Skipper
    • Private has a real partner (Trudy) not like Skipper who just had a spirit guide with Alex
    • Hans isn't Blowhole´s partner
    • Blowhole hits radio (CD player) not MP3 player
  • This is Trudy´s second appearance. Click here to see her first
  • Biggest moments of "Trudate" relationship

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