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Return of Denmark
Skipper as Public Enemy Number One

Air Date:

June 4, 2011

Usually aired with:

Go Fish


  • Skipper
  • Kowalski
  • Rico
  • Private
  • Hans
  • Danish officials

Next episode:


Return to Denmark is the 14th episode of Season 2.


Main article: Danish Zoo Scandal

Alice captures the Penguins & desperately attempts to wipe them from the Zoo's memory for her own good, She gets a transport to Copenhagen, Denmark, Neverland, Skipper becomes aware of the danger, he is jacked into the super-max zoo of Copenhagen, but, Hans, arrives & find Skipper in Denmark, After frustrating Skipper, Hans calls the Danish police reporting Public Enemy Number One has been spotted, Skipper & the Penguins attempt to escape with their lives from Denmark. After leaving Denmark, 2 special police forces named the Gestapo & SS begin pursuing Skipper to capture him for a life sentence in Denmark's prison zoo. The Penguins escape the Gestapo & SS & safely manage to get back to the Zoo, but not even the Zoo is safe, Alice had locked the Zoo down, vulnerizing it to the Titans, who began living in the Penguin habitat, Alice was also patrolling the Zoo passageways, along with the Danish officials shining spotlights out at the Zoo. The Titans also attacked the Zoo's residents, terrorizing them. The Penguins fight by hijacking a Danish helicopter & doing a battle with the Danes & Titans. Then, The Penguins finally get back into the Zoo, which was safe, Skipper was cleared from being Denmark's Public Enemy Number One which switched to Hans, who confessed when he attacked Skipper. Next morning, Kowalski finds out that no fish had been in their bowl, he eventually breaks into Alice's office with Skipper & the others to find Alice had permanently destroyed their files so they didn't exist. Kowalski hacks into her recycling bin & recovers the files & duplicates them so Alice would have no idea she was actually dumping decoys & the Penguins weren't non-existent.


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