The relationship between Rico and Marlene is called: Riclene

I looked and there wasn't a page for this pairing. I found that a complete surprise. I know Ricerky is already in existence, but you never know what Nickelodeon and DreamWorks might have up their sleeve. I can't really think of any signs/hints/evidence or whatever you wanna call it. But I'm sure Deb1701 will be able to.

Rico's HintsEdit

He helps Marlene go after the gorillas. While carrying her while riding an ostrich, he seemed to enjoy this a bit too much.

He helps Marlene collect money... and shows off a bit doing so with regurgitation.

While the whole flock was awestruck while spying on one of Marlene's imaginary concerts, Rico has, in a close up, a certain look in his eyes... to bad he's forgotten all about it via Amnesia spray.

Marlene's HintsEdit

She helps Rico go after the gorillas. Se admitted it was kinda fun when Rico threw her at them and caught her again.

She helps Rico collect money. She also finds it impressive and slightly disgusting when he gets the rest.

Other HintsEdit

  • In The All Nighter Before Christmas, Rico and Marlene, alongside Phil the Chimpanzee, were on one of the two teams which claimed to be the Decorations Committee. The three gave the zoo rock-and-roll themed decorations, contrasting with the Dickensian decorations that the other team (Kowalski, Mason the Chimpanzee and Burt) put up.
  • In Littlefoot, the fearful Marlene spends a surprising amount of time close to Rico, who shows some concern for her condition, while Skipper only finds it tiresome.


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