After finding out that Angelica is dead, Jack struggles with the grief of the whole explosion and wishes he never left her on that island. Also Daffy learns the horrifying truth about Cindy.

Possible ScriptEdit

(Usual opening theme)

(The camera shows a police car heading towards Goodie HQ, with an officer going towards the door)

(Door knocks)

Bubbles: I'll get it!

Officer: Good Morning, Sorry to bother you miss, but can we speak to Mr Jack Sparrow please?

Bubbles: Sure! come in, police want to see you Jack

Jack: What's the problem?

Officer; Im sorry Mr Sparrow, we have found a body of a woman on an island, believed to be your former girlfriend, Miss Angelica Blackbeard.

Jack: Angelica?!

Officer: Does She have any family members we could talk to?

Jack: No,! Her father died, her mother died when she was a child. No siblings.

Officer: We'll bring her things

Jack: Can i look at the body?

Officer: Of course

(Meanwhile at Villian HQ)

Baboon: I see your doing well keeping Daffy sweet!

Cindy: He's riggling in quite well, He's all lovely-dovely! He even keeps Tina's stuff! talk about obsession!

Baboon: He's girlfriends dead!

Cindy: Well tough! He's with me now, Tina isn't getting in they way! nor is anybody else!

Baboon: Any informantion to feed?

Cindy: Not as yet! i heared Daffy's mate Bugs is sending him some money, i could do with a new bag! (then wickidly laughs)

(Later that day)

Lisa: Oh Jack, im so sorry to hear about Angelica!

Jack: Why us? why did i have to leave her on that stinkin island? It's all my fault!

Lisa: It's not your fault Jack! I know it's hard but we all need to stick together now

Jack: The only person who i blame is the one ho caused this whole explosion!

(Skunk stands in the kitchen unnoticed by Jack and Lisa listening, also looking sad and worried)

(Later that day, Daffy recieves some money from Bugs, as Cindy has her eye on it but Pebbles suspects foul play)

Daffy: It's the money Bugs sent!

Cindy: You better keep that safe, you dont want any unwanted hands on that!

Daffy: Actually, i want you to keep it safe! i have a mini safe under the bed, put it there

Cindy: I'll do that! (as she walks away counting the money, she evilly smirks)

Pebbles: (talking to Boo) She's up to something!

Boo: How do you know? she seems nice

Pebbles: I dunno? the way she saw the money, like she's gonna steal it for herself!


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