"Ohhhhhhhh" Sara said "what time is it?"

"6:00"private the one day Sara had been in the zoo,she and private had become best freinds.

Sara just nodded.her first night had been horrible.the leamurs refused to go to sleep.even skipper thought that they were more noicy then usual.

Sara slid out of her bunk and and walked to the table.kowalski slid her a drink.Sara smiled."are you going into the lab?at this time in the morning I would be scared I would drool on anything I invented"Sara said.she loved to make jokes,and she knew just when to make them.

"buck up,Sara!"said private excitedly"skipper said I could introduce you to all the animals today!"

Sara smiled."awesome"she said.

Later that day,she and private walking down the path to the lemur habitat

"are you sure?"reasoned Sara"aren't they the ones who kept us up?"

"really their great once you get to know them."

"you should be talking!"Sara joked"you were so afraid of those badgers,you didn't give them a chance!"

"thats different!"screamed private,then gave a sudden shudder"they wre coming at me from all around........"

King Julien climbed over the fence to see what was the matter."what going on down here!cant you see I'm trying to get some sle...oh,hello"he said,swinging down to Sara(making private a little mad.)"and who are you?"

"Sara"she answers"and not at all interested"

"your saying that now,but just WAIT!"

""Sara said with a snap,then turned to private"who else can you show me?"

                     To.     Be.      Continued. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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