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As the Sun is rising in New York, Skipper, Private, Kowalski, and Rico are going to get fish.

Skipper: Okay, men. It's time for Operation: Get-the-Fish!
Rico: Fish!

Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico cross the street.

Skipper: Private!
Private: Sorry, Skipper, but besides of badgers, I'm afraid of cars.
Skipper: Well, Private, you gotta face your fear.
Private: Badgers?
Skipper: Exactly. What? No! Of cars! Now hurry, Private. The streetlight is about to go green!
Private: Uh, okay, Skipper.

Then, just as Private gets on the road, the streetlights go green.

Skipper (slow motion): Private! Watch out for the fish truck!
Private (slow motion): Huh?

Private sees the truck.

Private: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! My whole entire life is flashing through my eyes!

Meanwhile, back at the zoo, King Julien wakes up and sees Mort hugging his feet.

King Julien: Hey! Mort! Do not touch the royal feet!

Mort blinks.

Mort: I like to hug the royal feet!

King Julien does a powerful kick to Mort and he flies to the soccer field.

King Julien: There, that's the all-royal punishment that the Sky Spirits ordered me to do!

Mort lands in a soccer field and a kid kicks him and he flies into the city.

Skipper: Private, RUN!
Private: I'm too scared to run!

Just then, Mort falls down from the sky and gets Private out of the way.

Private: Wow, Mort! You saved my life before that fish truck ran over me flat.

Mort blinks.
Mort: I like turtles.
Private: Well, Mort, for a reward, I will be serving you 24 hours, 7 days a week!

The Penguins gasp.

Skipper: Private, that's against Penguin Rules #2367!

Rico regurgitates a book that says "Penguin Rules", and hands the book over to Kowalski.

Kowalski: Penguin Rule #2367: The Penguin Code. As said by Benjamin Penguin, each team of Penguin must take care of their team and themselves. They must not help other animals that are enemies to Penguins, including LEMURS. And it is said by Benjamin, himself.

Rico falls asleep.

Skipper: Do you see now, Pri-

Skipper notices Private and Mort had already left to the zoo.

Skipper: -vate?

Meanwhile at the Lemur Habitat, Private is serving Mort fruit. King Julien is also spying on them.

King Julien: So, the cute-unicorn penguin is serving the annoying Mort. All according to my genius plan!
Maurice: What plan? Mort saved Private from getting hit by a fish truck.
King Julien: Ah, I see...
Maurice: Wait a minute, you're jealous, aren't you?
King Julien: No, Maurice. Gel has nothing to do with Mort. But I have a royal plan, BUT I WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT THE ROYAL PLAN IS!
Maurice sighs. Meanwhile at the Penguins Habitat, Skipper and co. are suggesting plans to get Private back.

...More coming soon...


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