Sheeba's birth mother as suddenly turned up, and wants to take her daughter back! - but she's harboring a few secrets

Possible ScriptEdit

(Usual Opening theme)

(The camera slowly pans down to the Mansion, to find a female adult cat knocking on the door)

(Knock Knock noise)

Tabby: Hi There (then rudely walks inside and pushing Maria aside) Iv'e come to collect my daughter, where is she?

Maria: Hrmm excuse me miss cat you can't just barge in here, Your daughter is adopted by abadoned her

Tabby: I just wanna see my Sheeba (Then Sheeba walks out) Sheeba! (Tabby then hugs Sheeba)

Sheeba: Maria! who's this?

Maria: She's your mother sweetheart

Sheeba: Why did you leave me, didnt you want me?

Tabby: Oh sweetie (the other babies walk out) my life was a mess until i had and my new boyfriend dont get on and now i want you to move to Greece with me, it's gonna be exciting!

Sheeba: What about my friends here?

Tabby: You can meet's not like your gonna see these people again, you'll grow me and my puppy

Maria: That's not going to happen, Sheeba's under my care and

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