One night the penguins saw new animals coming to an aquarium.after the staff leaves they introduces themselves,lighty the viper fish,Carl the white shark,Mary the orca.after that the animals fell back to sleep.kowalski finds out skipper is missing and saw a message saying

"for you penguins,we kidnapped your leader.hmm....!he looks delicious.we'll gonna eat him.from:the new aquatic animals.

"those creatures are going to eat skipper!"private said.

So the penguins asked to the animals.but,they say they didn't do it.

"let's try ask our monkey friend.hey!mason!or phil have you seen skipper eaten by this creatures?"kowalski said

"what?no of course!"said Phil

"see!"said Mary.

"but,maybe it's the red squirrel !"said Carl

The penguins then asked maurice and mort. Then Rico asks Maurice where is Julien.the he said that Julien is scared by a ghost of a penguin.Then they went to Marlene,but king Julien is too scared and mort stays with Julien and Maurice follows the penguins and the aquatic animals.they asked Marlene.

"that night I saw a sack shaped like penguin with a little red thing with an eyepatch when I was swimming then when I dive the object is gone!"said Marlene.

They call rock gut and uncle Nigel with an agent Nigersaurus.the discover red is under the road and go down.when horny the gemsbok broke something everyone falls down and welcomed by a weasel,mammoths,sloths and tigers.Alice waited a line to tell the zoo owner about some animals are gone.Julien and mort follow them to tell them what happened.then everyone make a stair so they can return.Skipper thanks them.and red is eaten by a baryonyx.then they come just in time before Alice came to the place.


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