This article is based on a fight in a shack during the New York War, you may be looking for the shack or the war

Skirmish at the Wolf Shack


April 7, 2012


Wolf Shack, New York Creek, Western Banks, Brooklyn, New York


  • Penguins
    • Skipper
    • Kowalski
    • Rico
    • Private
  • Wolves
    • Joe Wolf
    • Skipper Wolf
    • Jack Wolf
    • Rico Wolf


Wolves captured & shipped to Beaver Isle, No deaths.

Part of

New York War

First Appearance

New York War

The Skirmish at the Wolf Shack was a battle between the Penguins and the Wolves.


First Sky War

See: First Sky War

Outbreak of the New York War

The Penguins declared war on Al Qaeda after intercepting information from the X Network. The Penguins soon tracked the information to the Brooklyn side of New York Creek. It took 3 days to reach the Wolf Shack, and the rainy days made it difficult to reach the Creek before dusk.


Entrance of the Wolf Shack

The Penguins had to cross the Creek to reach the Wolf Shack, soon, the Penguins entered the Wolf Shack after hiding out under the shack from rain.

Attempt & Capture

The Penguins attacked the Wolves. However, Joe nearly managed to eat Skipper. Rico regurgitated a net gun as Skipper escaped Joe's mouth. Skipper netted the Wolves.


The Penguins shipped the Wolves away to Beaver Isle. They continued searching for the rest of Al Qaeda


New York War (first appearance)

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