The Skirmish on the Top Floor of Christmas. Also known as the Skirmish on Christmas Eve or the Battle on Downtown Christmas. The Penguins battle Mr. Chew in Nana's apartment.


Penguins' Christmas Eve (2110 hr.)

After Private learns Ted the Polar Bear is sad, he alerts Skipper, who (unfortunately) was busy decorating the Penguin Habitat / HQ with an ice tree, tracking the Christmas music and using a fake Yule Log on a TV. Private sets out on a caper to retrieve a present. Eventually, at 2110 hr., Skipper learns something had happened, and Kowalski reports that Private had gone to bed and found out that instead there was a bowling pin. Eventually, Skipper learns that Private had escaped, and reminds Kowalski & Rico of the Penguin Credo.

Christmas Caper (2125 hr.)

Private tracks down a present cart. While trying to find a present, Nana (an old lady) comes up and forces Private to blend in. Meanwhile, Skipper, Kowalski & Rico track Private's footsteps to the cart, and follow Nana to her apartment. As a snowman and commence Operation Special Delivery. They they follow Nana to her door.


Mr. Chew's Attack (2140 hr.)

While Skipper, Kowalski & Rico try to figure out a way into Nana's apartment, Private is wrapped into a present and stuffed into a stocking. Just after Nana turns away to watch the football game that was on, Mr. Chew turns feral and rips up an Alex The Lion Doll, He lunges at the stocking, ready to eat Private, and is distracted from his attempt to kill Private by Skipper, Kowalski and Rico bursting through the window.

Fighting & Defeating Mr. Chew

Mr. Chew attempts to bite Skipper, who uses Rico with peppermints as a candy machine gun while Kowalski climbs up the tree. However, Private is hurled into the kitchen, and gets his vision obscured by Nana's turkey. Skipper then uses a sticky candy cane to make Mr. Chew get caught in ribbons, and thrown into his stocking.


Private is unscathed by the attack, and the Penguins return to their HQ and invite Ted over. Ted in turn invites most of the whole zoo to the habitat. Mr. Chew is subdued and punished by Nana after Rico abandons his idea to drop an anvil on her to make her fall asleep and blows up the wall and succeeds in blowing down her door.

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