(This Article is Fan Made, I would have documented it properly had their been a guide.)

Staten Island Zoo of the Old and Unknown or more commonly refereed to as S.I.Z.O.U is a privately owned zoo for the public to explore on Staten Island. It is known for holding both creatures that have been previously extinct as well as holding creatures that remain anomalies and are unexplained. These animals are so new to their environments and many who are unsure of what environment they originally belonged to that they have become very different from their original species in their actions, behaviors and at times their personalities.

SIZOU is separated into four indoor houses. Mammals, which reside in the north end of the park, Reptiles, which are in the east side, and on the west side the Bird house.

The south side is made up of restaurants, and gift shops. Beneath the zoo in its innermost center though is the house used for the aquatic and the extraordinary unbelievable animals.

Scattered throughout the park are a series of Deep wells used to house the largest of the animals in the park.

(This Zoo is awaiting a fan made episode with the Penguins)

Known animals:

Sparky: A moray eel that is more similar to an electric eel but as Kowalski would say, "He's an infinite energy source" see page for details.

Timmy: A Titanboa who like most snakes will eat other creatures smaller than him however, he never intends harm and actually is a veterinarian. see page for details.

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