Stuck Together Title Card


After a glue accident in The Zoovenir shop, Mort and King Julien get stuck together, on da FEET! So Julien has to get used to Mort on his feet. At least for now


  • Private accidentally spills some glue on Mort. Mort thinks it tickles.
  • When he goes to sleep, he hugs Julien's foot. By morning, the glue has dried, and Mort is stuck
  • Julien & Mort go to the Penguins and ask them to do something about this.
  • Kowalski says that it will take weeks, or months, to find a way to safely separate them.
  • After a month, Julien starts to like it.
  • After another month, Kowalski finds a way to safely remove Mort.
  • They use a chemical on them, and they are separated.
  • Everyone is happy again!


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