"Teddy, Teddy Boar" is the season 2 episode 4 from PR:M. This episode when Eureka's teddy bear was puffed after Samuel Nakaoka the Second accidentally blow up Kowalski's car by mistake.


After Samuel Nakaoka attacked Hans from getting in the way to military weapons, he jumped below Kowalski's car to the road. Before Hans victory, he set the bomb as a secret weapon called B.O.O.M. (Be-Opponent-On-Me) and sent him to Hoboken again. Unfortunate of disaster, Eureka shocked at her an puffed teddy bear then she screams before he saying "Don't panic".

Eureka was so angry because of Samuel Nakaoka blew up as he trying to apologize to her for being such a bad behavior. She doesn't want to apology that he ruins it and no mercy to leave him. After Eureka leaves, Samuel Nakaoka sadly mourning then Skipper said "I'm know you about her, but she hate you." and Private "You need to fix her teddy bear." when he excellent plan. Samuel going to fixing Eureka's teddy bear without the B.O.O.M. that cause massive damage. He trashed away from making mess.

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