Had done some "research" on other films (like Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove"), one might say that the crazy criminals, Cecil and Brick, have the same kind of relationship as Yzma and Kronk, and this segment represents that (in which these so-called "geniuses of crime" pose as Zeke and Amy's long-lost uncles to steal the secret of La Phantasma's Super-Powers, but these kids are onto them, Amy especially, but they "play innocent" until the moment is right to call the cops... good thing there father, Miguel Dehauntedo, is around, or their plan would've turned for the worst... especially since Brick had blown their cover by getting the words wrong, as the chant has been passed down in the family for generations.)

Original ChantEdit

Never been to London
Never been to France
But I'm glad to see somebody else's underpants

Jungle or city
Anyplace the sea can go
If the wind stops, how many paddles will you row (counts until missed)

If that's how far
you're in for a shock
that's the same amount of juice in the cooling box

(If any energy left, jumper redeems him/her self buy jumping in countdown to a version of an old kid-song... they call there version, at highest so-far: "99 Boxes of Juice in the Fridge")

"Uncle Brick" VersionEdit

Never Been to London...


Zeke: Never been to London...
Amy: ...Never been to France...
Brick:...But I was around when Uncle Cecil ripped his pants!


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