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The Goodies and Villians visit a future telling pychic, but the two sides see diffrent futures.

Possible ScriptEdit

(Usual Opening theme)

(At a fair, the goodies see a tent of the future)

Daphne: Oh look guys! a tent of the future!

Bubbles: What if he or she tell us bad dying early?

Private: I doubt she'll go that far Bubbles

Daffy: What are we waitin for? lets go inside...

Psychic: Ahhh...young faces. Now you want your'e futures told? now lets look in my orb...

Morgana; We want our futures told...Ooh look who it is..the goodies

Lisa: What are you doing here?

Chucky: Same as you, you litlle punk

Psychic: Now now...let me look in my magical orb and find out your futures.

Henry: Oh this is pointless I bet she can't even see anything!

Tiffany: Dont be Horrid Henry!

Psychic: Now...(Looks at Morgana) For you an old love will return..

Morgana: What? an old love! who is it? is it my beloved Baboon?

Skunk: What! Baboon's dead you idiot!

Psychic: I can't see very clearly. i see you had many admirers in your time. (Then looks at Tiffany) You my dear will be working with someone very closely indeed.  (then looks at Lisa) You marry a Milhouse Van Houten..but your marriage will be un happy. (Then looks at Daffy and Lyndsey Duck) And you too will be married, with a daughter!

Lyndsey Duck: (excited) Ohhh a daughter! iv'e always wanted a little girl of my own, whats her name?

Psychic: Donna!. I see your'e daughter will face many dangers

Daffy: Oh no! tell us so we can prevent it!

Psychic: Well in the year 2024....(Goes to the year 2024, We see a young Donna Duck rolling around in daisys)

Adult Lyndsey Duck: Donna it's time to go! it's getting late

Donna: Im coming Mommy (Runs to her mother) Where's daddy?

Adult Lyndsey Duck: He's at work dear...

Donna: What does he do again?

Adult Lyndsey Duck: He's a (Laughs) Gum Buster!

Donna: (Laughs) Oh yeah!

(Back to the Psychic's tent)

Daffy; Im a Gum buster! (Everyone laughs)

Boo: What's a Gum buster?

Fiona: It's where someone picks up bubble gum of the walls and floor on the streets...i wonder if you do schools too?

(Back to 2024..)

Daffy: What a rubbish job...

Daffy's boss: Come on! Work harder, these walls aren't gonna clean themselves you know!

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