Scene I: Penguins HQ Edit

Skipper: We don't have new missions, Kowalski options.
Kowalski: We could go back to A.E.F.I for new missions.
Skipper: Great, how are we going to go there without being seen?
Private: We can go to the shortcut.
Skipper: Great idea young Private.

Scene II: A.E.F.I Edit

Agent O: Welcome back to the Antarctic Elite Forces Initiative, Skipper.
Skipper: So how do we do?
Agent L: Well Skipper according to our map Dr. Blowhole's henchmen are trying to melt the Arctic to flood the entire world.
Skipper: Got it!
Agent P: You are going to stop his henchmen in Australia but be careful!
Skipper: Why?

Scene III: The SeaEdit

Skipper: Come on men! Avoid being sea sick!
Private: I can't stop puking!
Kowalski: Were here!

Kowalski makes one last puke.

Scene IV: Australian Beach Edit

Skipper: Kowalski, scan!
Kowalski: They're close!
Skipper: Rico!

Rico regurgitates weapons.

Kowalski: They're getting closer!
Skipper: Hit them with everything you got!
Private: Got it sir!
All: CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skipper hits 5 kangaroos in a row. Kowalski and Private hits 28 kangaroos in a row but one of them gets hit. Rico uses a smoke bomb to distract them. Rico hits 15 kangaroos. Kangaroos do kangaroo pile. Team finishes them all.

Skipper: Rico!

Rico destroys a door with a crowbar.

Scene V: Outhouse (which is very big in the inside)Edit

Skipper: Where are you!?
Private: Look!
Blowhole: (On TV) That was the beginning Skipper! You haven't seen the last of me! And oh yes, prepare for a greater attack with lobsters and kangaroos! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Scene VI: Australia Edit

Private: Um sir?
Skipper: (Looking) What the?
Private: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skipper: Kowalski, options?
Kowalski: Um Run?!
Skipper: Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene VII: Sea Edit

Private: Sir, they have jet skis!
Skipper: Rico
Rico: Roger that sir!

Rico regurgitates 4 guns with daggers which looks like their swords

Skipper: Take em' out boys!

Kowalski shoots 2 lobsters. Rico regurgitates a dynamite and throws it against 1 Kangaroo and 2 Lobsters' jet skis

Skipper: Dynamite? How are we going to insert that!
Rico: It can insert dynamite sir.
Skipper: Oh well! Fire!

Skipper fires with dynamite and also the team fired.

Private: Were' out of ammo!
Skipper: Daggers! Kowalski! Recon!
Kowalski: I can't see it!
Skipper: Zoom it!
Kowalski: (Zooming) We're close!
Skipper: Activate super sea speed!
Kowalski: Activate!

Scene VIII: The Sea Edit

Everyone: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene IX: Antarctica Edit

Everyone: OUCH!
Skipper: Run for your life!
Everyone: Ah!!!!!!!!

Scene X: A.E.F.I Edit

Skipper: We are under attack!
Agent P: Say what?!
Skipper: Check the radar!
Agent P: Agent L!
Agent L: Got it!

Agent L is scanning.

Scene XI: AntarcticaEdit

Skipper: Oh great!

(Camera zooms out and shows all the agents tied up)

Private: How can we escape?
Skipper: Rico!
Rico: Kablamo!
Kowalski: We could use the teleporter.

Skipper: How?
Kowalski: We need some tools!
Skipper: Rico!

(Cuts to the finished teleporter)

Skipper: Let's go!

Scene XII: Doctor Blowhole's HQEdit

Skipper: It's over Blowhole!
Blowhole: Well, face my robot!
Rico: Fire in the hole!


Skipper: Burn it!

Kowalski: We should blow up the fuse!
Private: I'll do it!
Private: You are dead!
Blowhole: You haven't seen the last of Dr. Blowhole! Mwahahahahaha!
Skipper: Oh yeah baby!

Skipper: Run!