When a new ice cream hits Vice City, the children crave it, but Maria's old time enermy Maude is up to something and also kidnaps the babies.

Possible ScriptEdit

(Usual Opening theme)

(Camera pans down to the mansion where we see baby Daffy and Lyndsey playing on the toy car)

Baby Lyndsey: Daffy! It's my turn to play in the car!

Baby Daffy; No it's my turn...and by the way your'e a girl! shouldn't you play with dollies?

Baby Lyndsey: Violet's playing with them! So let me have a go in the car!

Baby Daffy: No!

Baby Lyndsey: Fine! (shouts) Maria!!!

(Ice cream van jingly bell rings)

The Children: Yay!!

(As Baby Daffy is about to run, Maria grabs him)

Maria: (Grabbing Daffy) No! not you!

Baby Daffy: But i want Ice Cream

Maria: Not if you cant learn to share the toys with your friends, so go in time out. No ice cream for you

(Meanwhile in the playroom, as Daffy sits in time out, Lyndsey teases him with the ice cream)

Baby Lyndsey: (Licking ice cream) Mmmm...this ice cream's so yummy (Baby Daffy looking frustrated) The thick chocolaty bits..i think that's cookie dough? or biscuit? I like you?

Baby Daffy: (angry) Grrr! i want ice cream (then runs out the room)

Baby Lyndsey: (shouts) Your'e suppose to be in time out!

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