It was a nice day in the central park zoo.skipper and private were sunbathing on "topside",and kowalski was testing an expirement on Rico(who was probably getting shocked painfully.)

All of a sudden,private bolted up in his chair."oh no"he shouted"we forgot to check the loading dock today!"

"Relax private"reashored skipper"what could show up in one day?!"

As if on cue,a create was thrust into the penguin habitat.out stepped a lovly girl penguin."jeez."she mutterd,dusting herself off"you would think they'd be more gentle with the new arrivals!"

Kowalski and rico came up to see what the clash was.

How....who....who are you?!?!?!?!?!"sputtered private,who was cumpletly love struck.

"my name is Sara"she ancerd"I once lived in antartica with my mom and dad,but we were taken away to a strange zoo."

"really?"asked kowalski"then where are your parents?"

Sara shook her head"not here"she said"now,what was the name of that zoo?oh yeah,the Hoboken zoo."

Every one gasped"and your still alive?"explaind skipper.

Sara sook her head again "it was a miracle"she sighed"but my parents weren't so lucky.they died of a rare dises there,"she looked around"I guess they thought that being with other penguins would help me....."

"well it probably will"kowalski said"sientific research shows that..."

But Sara cut into his sentence"you like silence to!oh,I live for it!"

Kowalski was breath-taken"R...r.....really"he gasped.

Sara noded"what are you in the middle of right now?"

Imediantly,kowalski led the way to his lair."wow"Sara breathed in as she entered.kowalski just nodded "all in science"he said proudly.

Sara just happend to glance at the TV.private was sitting contently in front of it,watching the lunacornes.Sara smiled"is that the lunacornes?oh I love that show!"she plopped herself down I front of the tv.Rico,gelase that they were getting all the attention from the girl,threw up a bomb on the tv. Sara gasped and jumped up."OMG!" she cried"that's so cool!how do you do that."

"I have ran tests on that."kowalski said"even science doesn't know."

All of a sudden,there was a clash from up top"morise,you idiot!you smashed the welcome Gift.and I heard it was a lady!"

Sara smiled."wow"she said"news travels fast here".the other penguins shrugged,and they climbed up the ladder to see if anyone had been hert.Sara was the first one up.she felt herself getting snatched up by the legs,and before she knew what was going on,she was hanging upside down and staring at a snake face."who's he?!"she asked nervously to the other animals.

Sawvio!"skipper said angrily,then his expression changed"its a girl!"

Sara smiled"wait so you know this guy?good"and with that,she escaped from his grip and,might I say painfully,beat him up.

"did I mention I took marrtual arts in antartica?i didn't want to beat up anyone you didn't know,because that would be just rude."

"no,you did not tell us.but know,you can easily join the team."skipper said.

"yay!"the other penguins cheered,and Sara stared at them.

Skipper laughed "I think the rest of the team were are we going to take blowhole?"


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