The Old Oak (otherwise known as "The Pooka's Shrine" or "Strange-Squirrel Central", depending on who you ask) is a creaky tree on the other side of the street from "Suburbia's" Half-way House. Aside from age and size, it is a known mostly as a thing of debate... the modern world (or at least those like Officer X) claim it to be a menius, if not just plain weird, for the squirrels inside it nest together (as far as most know, squirrels usually leave to make their own nests), while others, like the Irishman that lives house that has this tree in the backyard (making it his property) consider it sacred for the same reason. Chester lived in the roots of it once, before the road called to him again, but mostly, it is where earth-spirits (especially in squirrel-form, like Salasi) reside. It is the Center-Symbol on Duchess Lucinda's "La Phantasma" calling-card, as it, to her, represents "adaption" between her old Jungle-life to that in the city.


  • This is based on the "old oak" that King Herold (Fiona's father) claimed to rendezvous with the hero-ogre at in Shrek 2, but that one was probably a decoy to lure him into a trap... battle against Puss in Boots, to be precise. Just thought it might be real even father away then Far Far Away, like maybe in the U.S.A.


The Old Oak Some say "Sacred",
others say "Trouble"...
Duchess calls it "Powerful".
La Phamtasma calling card The old oak is in the center, for "Adaption"...
surrounded by "Heritage" (the baobab with plane-wreck),
"Power" (the fisherman's ship),
"Freedom" (Lady Liberty), and
"Renewal" (the Junkyard in New Jersey)