Nobody ever wins this game... at least among those who bring up the nerve for them to play it. They spin each other around in a dizzy-making matter to confuse the players while chanting the following rhyme, but when Amy was challenged, she saw their hidden differing personality traits and discovers by their shifty eyes why nobody ever wins: every time somebody guesses it right, they fake having the others identity! (Cheaters!) It was labeled an incantation because even the baboons (Backwoods Magicians of real voodoo) got confused by the Vesuvius twins method!

Who is Victor? Who is Vince?
Which Vesuvius brother's which?
Guess it right we'll go away,
but if you're wrong, we're here to stay!
It don't matter what you chose,
either way you're gonna loose!
But if you'd rather press your luck,
guess who and...Time is up!


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