Chapter 1, Call to ArmsEdit

It was a normal day in the H.Q, Private was watching the "Lunacorns", Kowalski and Skipper were playing Chess, Rico was eating fish. "Checkmate!" Skipper said as he checked Kowalski's king. "Oh come on! I went through every strategy in my genius mind and you still beat me!" Kowalski groaned.

Skipper was about to rub his victory in Kowalski's face, when suddenly, a beeping was heard from their ceiling. "What is that?" Private asked. "It is a 2.4 watt neon light designed to alert..." Kowalski started when Skipper slapped him.

"That, young Private is our most vital link to our homeland of Antarctica! It seems good General Daniels has a transmission for us." Skipper said. "Whose General Daniels?" Private asked. "What? You don't know the great General Daniels who led us in our War against Blowhole, who saved the Penguin state of Emperia and rescued our own ancestral home of Adelie. Destroyed an entire army of Lobsters in one slap, and turned the final battle to a massacre where we mowed them down?!" Skipper yelled.

"Well, uh, now I do." Private said. "Good, yelling is the best teaching technique." Skipper said. "Um, shouldn't we open the transmission?" Kowalski asked. "Yup!" Rico said. "Roger!" Skipper said as he pressed answer on the radio.

"This is Field Marshal Daniels of the Penguin state of Chinstrapi! All penguin combat units must report to the Emperian port city of Little Blue Island, New York Battalion, the transport Submarine T-40 will arrive tonight, the platoons meet at the beaches of Staten Island! ...." Daniels went on to discuss zoos with penguin populations and where they would meet.

"This is it! Our call to arms, pack up boys, we go to war tomorrow! WOOH!" Skipper yelled. "War, who are we going to war with?" Private asked. "It seems that we are going to fight either Blowhole's armies, the Red Squirrel, or Hans." Kowalski answered.

"Rico, pack up every weapon we have. Prepare for war.

Everyone was surprised that the penguins were leaving, and they had to explain about what was going on. As they did, Skipper noticed that Marlene was acting distant, and as they left the zoo, she called "Skipper!". "Yes?" He asked incredulously. "Be Careful." She said after hesitating.

That night, the penguins of the zoos of New York gathered at the beach, their was Skipper's unit in Central Park, as well as several units from elsewhere in the City. Then, the periscope of the Submarine appeared as it closed in on the beach.


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