The missing:privates lunacorne goes missing,which is cunnected to the red squirrel trying to kill him.he stole the lunacorne so that private couldn't shine it in his eye

The armadillo kid returns:the armadillo kid challenges private to a redue.when private refuses,the armidllo kid strapless a bomb to Sara's neck.unless private wins the game,the armidllo kid will press the "blow up"button!

Jiggles times three: when kowalski accidentally hits private with his"be scarred ray"private becomes scared of everything.he wont eat(he says the fish are creepy)and he's terrified of kowalskis new and approved pet,jiggles.

Mr.flute returns:when flute boy comes back to the zoo as a grown up,Bert becomes suspishus.the day after,Bert goes missing.Who could steal a 13,000 pound elephant?well the penguins are going to find out.

Lost at sea:when on an early spring vacation,the penguins crash land on a strange island.whale searching the ship for anything that will help them survive,Sara finds something important.could their crash be caused by a one of their long-lost enimes,or could there be something completely different be going on?

Important detail!:lost at sea is the first ever 2-parter made by theprivatelover!!!

The computer hassle:when fixing Sara's laptop,kowalski becomes interested in the internet.but when gets one bad comment,he won't rest until they track down the person who posted it.

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