Tina Russo



Date Of Birth

1Oth May, 1994

Date Of Death

17th November, 2O11

Voiced By

Annie Mumolo

Killed By

Baboon & Skunk (Accidental)

The Looney Tunes ShowEdit

Tina first made her debut appearance in the new revamped Looney Tunes, called "The Looney Tunes Show". She is Daffy's street-smart, beautiful tomboy girlfriend.

Mistake with Melissa DuckEdit

Many fans believe that Tina is the 'new' Melissa. This is not the case, as Warner Bros state that Tina is their own creation, meaning that Melissa is still around somewhere and she and Tina are separate people, same as Honey Bunny and Lola Bunny.


Tina does appear in Castaras, but only in the first special episode. She is then mentioned on several occasions by Daffy following her death. She is then seen again in "Eternal Night" as a dark demon, her personality has changed since her death.


Coming Soon

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