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This article is based on a real character, object, etc., but is filled with non-canon information

"Trudate" is a relationship of Private and Trudy.

Episodes focusing on Private and Trudy:

  • New Penguin In Town- Private is only penguin who is nice to Trudy and Trudy thinks a Private is cute
  • Return of second revenge of Dr Blowhole-In this special are many moments:

    One of bigest moment " Trudate " ( that was Skipper )

    • On begin, Trudy say to Private true, about her feeling to him, before Dr. Blowhole erase them memories. Private smile to her, but few seconds later is too late
    • Trudy remember to Private and her crush to him despite erased memories
    • Private save Trudy when fall from building
    • Private and Trudy have common song
    • Private and Trudy becomes official pairing
  • New LEMUR in town Private catch Trudy under out pits, when are penguins scared what new animal is
  • evil penguin- Trudy remained in HQ when Blowhole start auto destruction, but Private save her. Then smile to each one
  • Julienster- They was dance together and have common song
  • Its about time 2- Private save Trudy from dinosaur and in future have 2 kids, named Trivate and Prudy
  • Titaguin- Private and Trudy have date
  • Travel to Hobo-end- Private is sad when Trudy must go to Hoboken and they hug. When Trudy return, they otherwise have a divorce ( because anything can divide them ) are still friends.

improbability: Private was crush to Cupid and too Private can find sameone else in future


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