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Twin Torture

Air Date:

June 1, 2011

Usually aired with:

Go Fish 2


Next Episode:

Go Fish 2

Twin Torture is an episode of the Future Penguins.


James is finished teaching his class of rats how to play a guitar. However, as his class is gone, The Torture Twins (bionic replica daughters of the Torture Sisters) kidnap him. Jake, John & Jack find the following evidence: a scrap of violet cloth, Jake knew the scrap belonged to 2 people: Violet or Melanie Titan. Jake pursues the Twins' trails while John holds back Jack from becoming the world's greatest terror because of a perfume that affected Jack to make him extremely antisocial, extra violent & super destructive. Meanwhile, at Forbidden Rock, the Twins are carrying James through the labs to his cell. He protests, and blurts out he's going to attack them. But, Melanie threatens to rip his lips off if he continues to struggle & rant. Jake follows the trail, and meets Duchess Fierce, (Violet & Melanie's crazy sister), who lived in a cave on the banks of Brooklyn. She attempts to sacrifice Jake by throwing him into her volcano pit, destroying herself in the process. Jake arrives at Forbidden Rock to find James had been kiss-tortured by the twins. They were going to suck his emotion of love out to make him evil through their Love Sucker. Jake destroys the machine, and frees James. Meanwhile, the twins, who multiply into 2, have 4 total twins chasing them out of the rock. Jake leaves behind John's Anti/Dark Matter Bomb, destroying the lab, and ends up killing Melanie and injuring Violet. Because Melanie died, Jack snapped out of his trance. Violet discovers her twin is dead, and reincarnates Melanie through replicating.


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