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  • I was born on September 21
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    Diamond Necklace

    June 20, 2011 by Deb1701

    TRiddle, if you wish me to move this to the MAIN WIKI, it will look like this.

    Cecil & Brick attempted to steal the necklace from a Jewelry Store. They accidentally got set off the alarm, and fled with the necklace. While driving away, Cecil ordered Brick to get rid of it. Brick tossed it from the car and it landed in the zoo.

    That very same night, King Julien saw a Gimme Gimme Star, and when Brick threw the necklace away, it landed in the Lemur Habitat. King Julien kept it until Cecil & Brick attempted to get it back.

    The Penguins, seeing the news broadcast of the theft, attempted to warn Julien of the danger. But Julien refused to hand it over. While fighting, Cecil saw them and pointed them out to Brick. The Penguins reviewed the security …

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  • Deb1701

    HTML Colors

    June 4, 2011 by Deb1701
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  • Deb1701
    1. Dark Sea Green4
    2. Medium Aquamarine
    3. Medium Sea Green
    4. Sea Green
    5. Dark Green
    6. Sea Green4
    7. Forest Green
    8. Medium Forest Green
    9. Spring Green4
    10. Dark Olive Green4
    11. Chartreuse4
    12. Green4
    13. Medium Spring Green
    14. Spring Green
    15. Lime Green
    16. Spring Green
    17. Dark Sea Green
    18. Dark Sea Green3
    19. Green3
    20. Chartreuse3
    21. Yellow Green
    22. Spring Green3
    23. Sea Green3
    24. Spring Green2
    25. Spring Green1
    26. Sea Green2
    27. Sea Green1
    28. Dark Sea Green2
    29. Dark Sea Green1
    30. Green
    31. Lawn Green
    32. Green1
    33. Green2
    34. Chartreuse2
    35. Chartreuse
    36. Green Yellow
    37. Dark Olive Green1
    38. Dark Olive Green2
    39. Dark Olive Green3
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    Ideas for a Poll

    January 31, 2011 by Deb1701
    • Do you have an idea for a poll?
    • If yes please let me know.
      • Name of Poll:
      • Options:


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  • Deb1701

    The following pages contain RUMORED EPISODE plots that were posted on the MAIN WIKI. Would anyone like to try written them?

    • Electric Madness
    • Private on Danger
    • The Rico-Inator
    • True Logged With Me
    • Zoo Symphony
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