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Diamond Necklace


Jewelry Store (accurate manufacturer unknown)


  • Cecil & Brick - by theft (temp)
  • King Julien XIII - it landed in his habitat (temp)
  • Penguins - took from Julien to return to store (temp)

First Appearance:

Hot Ice

The Diamond Necklace first appeared in Hot Ice. Two thieves, Cecil & Brick tried to steal it, but failed. It's unknown if it'll appear in another episode


Jewelry Store Scandal

Cecil & Brick attempted to steal the necklace from a Jewelry Store. They accidentally got set off the alarm, and fled with the necklace. While driving away, Cecil ordered Brick to get rid of it. Brick tossed it from the car and it landed in the zoo.

Under the Ownership of King Julien XIII

That very same night, King Julien saw a Gimme Gimme Star, and when Brick threw the necklace away, it landed in the Lemur Habitat. King Julien kept it until Cecil & Brick attempted to get it back.

Under the Ownership of the Penguins

The Penguins, seeing the news broadcast of the theft, attempted to warn Julien of the danger. But Julien refused to hand it over. While fighting, Cecil saw them and pointed them out to Brick. The Penguins reviewed the security footage and prepared to fight them. The necklace was safely returned to the store, and Cecil & Brick were arrested.


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