Victor is a Danish general Danish animal militaries, and the father of Hans.


Like his son Victor is an Atlantic puffin except with a military haircut and is also muscular.


He is very strong, has a dominant even slightly frightening impression on others, stays very true to his homeland and is a complete military guy. Victor is a bit of a gruff man, stays very serious all the time though he had a sweetspot for his cheerful wife, mostly listening and complying to what she wanted and said though that changed a lot once she died. Victor completely shut off then, becoming very cold hearted and hateful, trying hard to make his son strong and smart then so he'd be always be able to protect himself though he often was a bit too hard on his young child, making lot of mistakes in parenting on his own then that affected Hans's life a lot. He also became very distrustful towards penguins, despising them even completely.

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