Violet Parr is the only daughter of Bob and Helen and the older sister of Dash and Jack-Jack. She is from the 2004 movie The Incredibles. She can be known as Invisgirl, due to her superpower of invasiblilty.

Violet Parr


Violet Indigo Parr


14 (The Incredibles), 15 (Castaras), 1 (Castaras Babys), 29 (Castaras Long After)

Eye Colour

Blue or Purple

Hair Colour

Raven Black





Date Of Birth

8th April 1995


Lyndsey (Best Friend), Lola (Best Friend), Tony (Crush) and Goodies


MetroVille, USA

Super Powers

Invisibility/Force Sheild



In the movie, Violet is seen to be in her final year of Elementry school. She is in love with school hunk Tony Rydinger, who she likes to avoid when he is around. Violet is very shy with low confidence and is seen as a tomboy.

Through out the film, Violet grows more confident and is happy when Tony asks her out after defeating villian Syndrome.


Violet will appear in the 2017 cartoon TV Series, Castaras, with Syndrome as her villian.

The cartoon will feature Violet and best friend Lyndsey Longmoore, along with fellow goodies trying to defeat Baboon and the villians.

Disney InfinityEdit

Violet appears in the 2013 interactive game "Disney Infinity" as a playable character.

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