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Scene I: Penguin Habitat (Interior)

John & James are creating a hunger-decreasing potion to help the hungry & homeless animals outside the Zoo, James accidentally spills the red chemical labeled "Magnesium Chloride" (also labeled "Very explosive, Danger!") The lab explodes, Jake barges in

Jake: (yelling) What is going on?
James: I accidentally spilled John's Magnesium Chloride into the potion.
John: (in annoyance) Aw, great, perfect, absolutely perfect, it'll take a week for me to clean up this mess, 20 more deaths this week.
Jake: Shame on you, James, Thanks to you, the poor animals out in Central Park are going to starve to death. You've done another thing wrong, for the 6th time since you were born. (asking himself & James) I can't tell which is worse, last time or this time.
James: Jake, I've done something worse than this last time, worse than my other mistakes, Remember.
John: (sighs) Yes, we all know the story

Screen fades white traveling back 3 years before

Scene II: Flashback: Penguin Habitat (Interior)

James is playing solitaire on his laptop, Jake walks into the room

Jake: Alright, boys, Me & John are going to deactivate the Penguin Network.
James: (gasps) But, Jake, Why are you disabling the Network, All of our computers need it to be able to access all of our plans, games & other stuff
Jake: I know that, You just named one reason why its being disabled, those plans are dangerous, If the Network returns to its original state, those plans could be used against us, it would be chaos, That's why we're locking it down, The only computer that can operate alone without the Network is John's planning computer. We'll also need to disable the War Operation Plan Response computer along with the Network.

Jake leaves the room, James sighs in disappointment

Scene III: Flashback: Penguin Habitat (Interior)

John is tapping keys, War Operation Plan Response (WOPR) is beeping

Jake: So, what's our status on decapitation?
John: It's tough, The WOPR is continuously playing a war game which will take hours to end.
Jake: Can you just tell it to shut down
John: I can try

John taps more keys in, the screens change, John silently taps in the password

WOPR: (animated voice) Hello, Professor John
John: (types as he talks) Hello, Kowalski
Jake: You're sentimental, aren't you
John: (types as he speaks) Can you stop the game so I can deactivate the Network
WOPR: (animated voice) No

John slaps the desk.

Scene IV: Flashback: Penguin Habitat (Interior)

James: If John doesn't need the Network to play games or store data & plans, then, I can just reprogram my computer.

James installs a cord to John's computer. James talks as the computer lists all kinds of things

James: Wow, Alright, How about games

James types the word in

James: List games

Games appear on the screen after James says this, A list appears, saying:

James: Oh my, God

Scene V: Flashback: Chimp Habitat

James is talking to Mason & Phil

Mason: This is very complex, must be classified, very top secret plans.
James: But what is the way to get on, Jake is going to deactivate the Penguin Network tomorrow & I want to play those games or at least channel them into my computer.
Mason: Well, I'm not good at computers, but I know a trick about the backdoor
James: What's a backdoor
Mason: It's a simple second password that way if you lose or forget the first or main password, you'll have a simple one to use, unless the backdoor is the main password.
James: Well, You said its complex.

Phil makes several hand gestures

Mason: Phil says that you should find out who is titled "Professor" & learn about him & find out if he has anything that could crack the password.

Scene VI: Flashback: Penguin Habitat (Interior)

James is shuffling through books, not finding anything about anyone titled Professor except for John, Then, James is on his computer with several passwords, constantly failing.

Scene VII: Flashback: Chimp Habitat

Phil & Mason help James look in old Lemur & Chimp Times newspapers, James finds out that John's father was his uncle, Kowalski, who had died two years before he was born & John took after one trait that was the most noticeable: Science

Scene VIII: Flashback: Penguin Habitat (Interior)

James types on John's computer

James: Hydrogen Oxide

Computer screen denies access

James: Magnesium Oxide

Computer screen denies access

James: Hmm, Phil & Mason said that John took after his father, my uncle, what was his name? (looks at printout) Oh yeah, Kowalski, Wait a second... (Pauses, looks at the printout to the screen) It just can't be that simple, (types as he speaks) Kowalski
WOPR: (in an animated voice) Hello, Professor John, My game is over & you are able to shut me down.

James doesn't speak

WOPR: (in an animated voice) Would you like to play a game?
James: (types) Oh, How about Global Thermonuclear War
WOPR: (in an animated voice) Wouldn't you prefer to play a nice game of chess
James: (repeats) Let's play Global Thermonuclear War
WOPR: (in an animated voice) Fine.

Scene IX: Flashback: Central Park, Fred's Tree (Interior)

Fred: So, you're playing a war game.

James is playing on his laptop

James: Yeah, Want to help me play.

Fred: Sure

Scene X: Flashback: Penguin Habitat (Interior)

Jake & John are in the lab

John: Okay, Let's shut this down for good, (types as he speaks) Kowalski, Can I disable the Network now
WOPR: (in an animated voice) No, For a new game has been activated, we are still playing this game, Global Thermonuclear War, How are you playing on 2 computers at once
Jake: (surprised at what he's hearing) What?! be continued...


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