After creating a new invention, Kowalski accidently turns the goodies into villians and the villians into goodies.

Possible ScriptEdit

(Usual opening theme)

(shadow of Kowalski in a mid lit lab while testing chemicals)

Kowalski: With this creation..i can turn the villians into good respectful beings! Now! If i leave this generating overnight, they should be as good as rain by the morning.

(As Kowalski turns off the light, his creation malfunctions and turns glowing red)

(The Next Kowalski tips milk in his ceral, Tom walks in and threatens to take over the world)

Tom: Soon one day everyone on this planet will be mine!

Kowalski: (confused) What!?

Tom: Are you deaf? Im gonna take over the world! and kill those Goodies too

Kowalski: Tom, are you ok?

Lisa: All will be my slaves!

Tom: No! My slaves...

Lyndsey: (Shouts) My Slaves! I will be Queen of Earth and evilness for all eternity...and nobody will stop me (evilily laughs)

(Later that day, Kowalski is in his lab to discover his creation has turned his friends evil)

Kowalski: Oh No! My creation has malfunctioned...Iv'e turned my friends (Gulps) EVIL!

(Meanwhile on a cold wintery night, Kowalski walks to Villian HQ)

Kowalski: (walking in the freezing breezy snow) I hope the villians are good! If gonna go out of my mind!

(Kowalkski sneaks in and pokes his head to find Morgana and Tia being good)

Tia: We really need to get rid of all this's killi'n me!

Morgana: Just calm down! It'll all be over soon..dont worry

Baboon: Wev'e gotta stop them before they do anything bad to us!..especially that Atomic Betty! (Shivers) She scares me.

Kowalski: (shouts) Your'e all good!?

Chucky; How did you get here?

Kowalski: My friends are evil

Tia: (screams) He's evil! (Morgana slaps her around the face hard)

Morgana: Snap out of it girl!  Wev'e gotta work together to get rid of those evil pigs...Kowalski are you in?

(Kowalksi looks confused on weither to trust Morgana or not)

Kowalski: (Shakes Morgana's hand) Deal

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