Lucinda couldn't get over the fact that Kowalski had long preferred Doris over her. True, He's just getting to know the young duchess, but being in this love triangle breaks her heart. Like Kowalski, she tried poetry to get to him, but her feelings were so deep and so heavy she had to sing to find the words.

They all tend to say that opposites tend to attract
I don't think they mean the magnets on my wall
why is it my hopes tend to follow the rule:
that the higher they go, the harder they fall?
The most flattering thing that I ever heard
is that I have the most amazing personality
but they don't know men, or there stereotypes
that males of any species are suckers for eye-candy
Like a piece of driftwood down by the harbor
like a penny in deep of the near-by well
I'm just another wash out which nobody cares for
I suppose that's true in your eyes, who wouldn't tell
I used to watch you, every chance I could find
but my schedule needed order; my life's the same way
I know you do your best with the part you were assigned
I suppose for her it's easy to lead someone like you astray
Oh! why didn't I speak to you sooner then this?
we speak the same language and everything!
What was I thinking when I stolen that kiss?
How does a skeptic pull a dreamer's heartstrings?!
Like a piece of driftwood down by the harbor
like a penny in deep of the near-by well
I'm just another washout you never cared for
do you ever notice? can you ever tell?
to a girl of her type you are worthless
but it's no surprise you'd choose her over me
I'm just another wash out in your life's voyage
just another shadow in you moonlit sea
I need to grow up! You need to move on!
You call her your weakness but I know you're strong
You have brains, so use them! I know what you're put through
but is it right for you to treat me like she has been treating you?
(I don't think so!)
Why am I just the driftwood 'upon your harbor shore'
or just a trinket you might toss toss away in the trash or well?
I'd be a masterpiece if, in the right hands made more
how I wish that you see it, how I pray that you can tell
I don't wear makeup, but why should I need to fake it?
I guess that I do best just being nobody but me
yet you treat me like a washout as your last love had to you
love is just another tide that pulls us out to sea
they say opposites attract, that is no surprise
We are kindred beings, you and me
but I'm just another washout in your eyes
being tossed by waves, a stick between sand and sea.
(Oh, Kowalski.)


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