Why the penguins are the only mains on the NIK M Show

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Forget the Lion, Hippo, Chimps, Zebra & Giraffe of Madagascar. The NIK kind format as "The Penguins of Madagascar" [which is just what my favorite character I wanted in my Madagascar 2 happy meal (but got a Hippo)] is the best.

Reason 1 (Range)Edit

Penguins may live in the south pole, but Black-footed ones live on the South African seashore.

As I expect, these penguins have been foolin' with the 4 African animals of the Madagascar films. Although, they have orange feet, I suggest that they could be Black-footed.

Reason 2 (Vote & Operation divide)Edit

The Americans might've voted for the Madagascar Penguins.

+: There wouldn't be very much room for the other Madagascar characters to work the operations.

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